Anxiety Depression & Suicide

           Do you know what Anxiety Depression and a suicidal person looks like?!?

Unless you are someone who deals with this daily I am pretty sure you have no idea…It’s not something you can just see…Those of us that deal with this look just like you…We put a smile on our faces and hide our feelings and emotions…When inside we are dying…We have thoughts going on in our heads that you or the next person has no idea about…We have feelings in our hearts of helplessness..sadness…and loneliness even with you standing next to us…

         Things I have heard…Oh he/she is faking it…Oh he/she just wants attention..

For those of you saying this…Are you there holding their hand when they can’t sleep cause the feelings of helplessness is spinning so hard in their head…are you there with them holding in your arms when they have collapsed because they are having an anxiety attack and crying so hard shaking vomitting or have locked themselves away from the world…If someone is showing you this it’s not because we want your attention it’s because we trust you…We need you to be there to help hold us…not to laugh not to turn your back on us…

    Little Fact : Every 40 Seconds someone commits Suicide Every 41 Seconds a Family Member or                                        Friend is wondering why…What could they have done….

Not everyone seeks help to deal with Depression Anxiety or Suicidal thoughts… Because they feel this is a weakness and people will use it against them…This is not a weakness…this is a sickness that has been long forgotten about or has become a taboo subject… Just because it doesn’t get covered with a band-aid or cast…doesn’t mean this can’t be fixed…

                   Do not hesitate to call your local suicide hotline immediately. Call 800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433) or 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255) or the deaf hotline at 800-799-4889.   These people will talk to you and listen to you 24/7…or just listen to your cry… Your family doctor or even going to a hospital they all can help you..They will not judge you..They will give you a hug and take you by the hand and walk with you down the road you are facing.. So please don’t suffer in silence…I will even stand beside you and scream it from a roof top that we are suffering and need help until the help is there..I will hold you hand..Even when i am battling my own demons…

Links : The following links are for those of you who want to educate yourselves on this…Know what you are looking for…Know the signs…and please please don’t be afraid to say something to your loved ones…and be there to help them…

1) Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs..

    2) Anxiety & Panic Disorders Health Center

    3) Suicide Warning Signs

Hello! You all are prolly wondering where this blog post is coming from…I myself suffer from Depression and Anxiety attacks…I myself lived in silence not reaching out for help for many years… I finally broke…I spoke to my family doctor..and on this long journey she has stood by my side..Walking down my road of distruction and self loathing..We need to make this sickness known and let everyone know it’s not a taboo subject..don’t stay silent please..we all have those that will stand by us…that will pick us up and brush us off and pat us on the back and whispers lets do this together you aren’t alone..

I lost my child hood best friend this week to suicide…She held it in…She suffered in silence because she felt that no one would understand whats in her head…She has left us all wondering why…She has left us to our own questions with no answers…Brookie we will miss you…R.I.P


                                                  Stop the pain…Get educated


       Special Thanks To Kala For the Pants…and To Natasha for the Wrist Tattoo!!







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